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February 23, 2015: CSKT Compact Dispute: What’s the Big Deal?

Many in Montana have heard about the compact dispute between the CSKT and a group of irrigators. The outcome of this conflict will have huge implications for MT water users. Our own Colleen Coyle has been called upon as a resource to help wade through the misinformation swirling around the debate, both for the legislature in articles and testimony and to the public through op-eds. Her breakdown of the facts can be found on the MT State Legislature site, as well as opinion pieces being published around MT.


February 21, 2015: What Makes a Great Water Right?

A great water right is one that has the most potential to provide water, as opposed to a water right that looks good on paper, but does not provide very much water.  I have worked with Montana water rights for 20 years and in that time I have developed my own system for rating water […]


February 13, 2015: Where Did The Water Go?

Don’t run for your shovel, shotgun or bulldozer when your ditch is dry. There are legal means to get the water running again. Montana law provides procedures to help you get your water. Nancy Zalutsky tells you how to determine who may have diverted your water and how to make them stop. Some methods work faster but they cost more and may not provide a permanent solution, while others will not give you water immediately but may resolve the problem for years to come.