B3 is turning hours of research into minutes, allowing for quick access to information needed and saving Blackline over $50,000 annually.

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Waterfield Midstream Leverages B3’s Oilfield Water Intelligence to Support Strategic Insight and Enhance In-House Analysis.

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First Security Bank of Roundup Uses B3 to Improve Productivity & Profitability.

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Why Big Sky Sotheby's International Realty Uses B3 Daily.

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WGM Group's Water Division Incorporates B3 Into their Daily Routine.

WGM Group's Water Resource Specialist uses B3 throughout every day; it's one of his "go-to" tools and has saved him hours of time. Learn more. Learn more.

Three Ways Colorado Open Lands Uses B3 for Conservation.

One of Colorado's largest non-profit land conservation organizations uses B3 on both stewardship and conservation. They've found so much value in the platform that they've incorporated it into their workflow for future strategic projects! Learn more. Learn more.

City of Bozeman Public Works Department Increased Productivity & Decreased Costs.

City of Bozeman Public Works Department uses B3 to quickly complete (what used to be) time intensive research so they can focus more on strategic water resources management. Learn more. Learn more.