“Our entire staff uses B3. It’s allowed for an increased level of comfort when conducting water due diligence.”

- Megan Knott, Director of Stewardship, Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust

“Citizens Bank & Trust decided to use B3 to make more informed lending decisions. The first property we researched had water rights ownership in 3 different entities. B3 will help us perfect our lien and gives us valuable insight.”

- Branden Effland, Water Resources Engineer, Deere and Ault

“B3 is a perfect one-stop shop to figure out the basics of a project when a client or another engineer or attorney calls.”

- Branden Effland, Water Resources Engineer, Deere and Ault

“While our initial interest in B3 was for our core focus in agriculture lending, we learned its benefits expanded well beyond farming and ranching interests. Because water rights can be separated from real property, this tool protects our banks and its members as we sift through each and every qualifying loan application. We’ve also discovered old accounting records can include errors, and property that might not appear to have water rights, actually do and increase the overall value for the landowner.”

- Scott Johnson, Vice President Agri-Business Department, First Interstate Bank

“Purchasing B3 was a very easy decision for the Bank of Bozeman. B3 is easy to use and provides a lot of value for the bank. Water rights that used to take a significant amount of time to research are now researched quickly with the B3 platform. The bank uses B3 not only in situations with large agricultural producers but also for small acreages where the water is part of the building lot’s value. The bank also uses B3 instead of the Cadastral system when researching land ownership. Recently I used B3 to help a customer review water availability on a piece of ground the customer was considering renting. The added value to the customer is one more benefit of B3.”

- Mark Gannon, Chief Lending Officer, Bank of Bozeman

“When clients call, they expect me to know in depth answers to situations related to their properties and their neighbor’s properties. B3 allows me to quickly answer someone’s question, allowing me to be the expert they expect.”

- Russ Radliff, Water Resource Specialist, WGM Group

"With the increased public, regulatory and political focus on water, water rights and ag and rural development, the B3 web platform gives lenders access to information for water rights for every parcel of land in Montana. The Ponderosa staff demonstrated the program to Montana Ag Bankers, at this spring’s Ag Bankers Conference, and bankers attending the MBA Annual Convention. After those well received demonstrations, BANCSERVE, Inc., MBA’s product and services subsidiary, worked closely with Ponderosa Advisors to create an association based program offering B3 to all Montana banks. Bankers now can enhance their lending due diligence process with ‘fingertip’ access to documentation for water rights on a parcel-by-parcel basis for the entire state of Montana.”

- Steve Turkowitz, President and CEO, Montana Bankers Association

“Information contained in B3 is really valuable, particularly since it is updated weekly. It would take a lot of manpower to take the same information from the state sites, export it into GIS, and keep it updated. B3 solves that problem and it is a major time saver.”

- Teresa Olson, Water Rights Specialist, Confluence Consulting Inc.

“Researching government databases for water and land parcel information can be both tedious and time consuming. Not only has B3 created a single central hub for all of this valuable state and county data, but B3 presents all of the information in an intuitive and easy to use interface. Now, with just a few quick clicks on a map, I can access data that would’ve previously taken hours of research.”

- Ed Roberson, Broker, Mirr Ranch Group

“We opted to share this tool across our entire membership because it’s accessible to non-data experts. We just draw a box on the map and it can identify surface and groundwater rights, irrigated areas, land ownership, and stream flow. That’s a huge time saver to REALTORS® and adds a layer of professionalism to our business. It’s a new day in real estate in Gallatin. ”

- Jeff Renviers, President, Gallatin Association of REALTORS

“The ongoing communication and customer support are really great – we recently received an alert for a new feature that helped us in a bind. ”

- Sarah Parmar, Director of Conservation, Colorado Open Lands

“I was impressed the first time I saw B3, but I was hesitant because I knew I could access the same data elsewhere. Using B3 has totally changed my perspective – it is so much more than data. B3 provides the information that I need to make quick, meaningful decisions, all in one place.”

- Heather Dutton, Manager, San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District