The Drillinginfo Connector is B3’s comprehensive oil and gas data solution that combines industry leading data into a powerful platform. Access automated industry data (updated daily) and powerful analytics.

Oil and Gas insight in one place

We merge Drillinginfo data including permits, rigs, wells, completions, production and leases and B3 oilfield water intelligence to present you with an integrated view for unique analysis.

Quickly search and analyze water and land data combined with production data in B3’s intuitive platform for:

  • Produced water management scenario analysis and planning
  • Water logistics and disposal optimization
  • Lead generation and market intelligence
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Strategic asset acquisition and investment
  • ...and much more

B3’s DI Connector includes the following industry leading datasets:


Drillinginfo Data:
  • Permits, Rigs, Wells, Completions, Production and Leases
B3 Data:
  • Disposal and Enhanced Recovery Wells
  • Digitized P-18 & H-10
  • Pending and Upcoming UIC Permits
  • Surface Land Ownership
  • FracFocus (Nationwide)
  • Seismicity
  • Largest groundwater database in Texas
  • New Mexico groundwater rights

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