SIP (Subsurface Interval Pressure)

formation pressure data and maps

Understand Water Injections and Subsurface Pressure with Confidence in the Permian Basin, Haynesville and Bakken.

Nearly 90% of produced water in the Permian Basin is injected using saltwater disposal wells. With the volume increasing to over five billion barrels annually, effective water management and understanding of subsurface interval pressures are crucial for well placement and design, minimizing drilling risk and maintaining operational continuity.


SIP (Subsurface Interval Pressure)

Our innovative SIP formation pressure data and maps leverage cutting-edge machine learning techniques to correlate downhole and surface pressure measurements. By applying these correlations to B3 Insight’s vast repository of surface injection pressure data, we provide comprehensive calculations of downhole pressure changes on a basin-wide scale.

Empower Your Team with Actionable Insights for Optimal Water Injection and Surface Pressure Control

SIP formation pressure data and maps enable geoscientists and engineers to collaboratively manage water injection and drilling operations, reducing risks, and cutting costs. By visualizing the downhole pressure impact of thousands of SWDs over time, our solution helps you make informed decisions on well placement, design, drilling risk, and operational continuity.

Download the SIP brochure for a comprehensive overview of our solution.


Key SIP Features & Benefits

  • Access timely, accurate, and complete data from public and private sources
  • Identify direct and indirect shallow drilling risk indicators
  • Receive vetted results and assessments for improved decision-making
  • Enjoy a user-friendly platform designed for seamless adoption

Augment Your Best Practices in Water Management

  • Minimize capital and operational expenditures
  • Enhance well designs and execution plans
  • Establish operational contingencies
  • Stay informed about peer actions

Get Started with SIP Today!

Subscribe to SIP and receive monthly updates on pressure gradient maps, data for your area of interest, and much more. Coverage spans the Central Basin Platform, Midland and Delaware Basins, Haynesville and Bakken.  Additional basins and horizons are under development.  B3 Insight is your trusted partner for staying ahead in the ever-evolving oil and gas landscape.

Unlock the full potential of the SIP formation pressure data and maps by B3 Insight. Begin your journey to better decision-making and optimized water management and surface pressure control now!

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