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What the Heck is a P18?

Acronyms, abbreviations, and industry terms run rampant at B3.  We talk about RRC, UIC, SWD, H-10, DUC and the list goes on.  But, our conversations have been dominated over the last few months by one in particular – P-18. “P-18” is the identifier for a Skim Oil/Condensate Report filed with the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC). […]


Leverage Disposal Data to Develop a Better Strategic Plan in the Permian Part I: Commercialization of Disposal Assets and the Rise of Water Midstream Companies

Although the oil and gas industry is still recovering from one of the biggest declines in decades, there’s rising optimism and excitement about the potential for the Permian Basin to become the largest producing oil region in the world. Already the most dominant region in the United States, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates […]


Machines Learn, Humans Think

Machine learning and artificial intelligence. These are the buzzwords of today’s data-focused world, where programs and algorithms are using machine learning and AI to track our habits, make inferences about our relationships, identify our photos, and predict what we might want next. Technology, from robot vacuums to the latest smartphone app, makes our lives easier […]