Delivering a data-driven intelligence solution for superior business outcomes

B3 delivers an intuitive, on-demand geospatial technology solution for every industry, at every position level; connecting people, departments and projects within an organization. B3 challenges the common software scenario - “data in, data out” by employing data experts that normalize and transform complex data into information users can manage, analyze and visualize. Non-technical and technical business users leverage B3 to manage, analyze and visualize increasing data sets from a multitude of disparate data sources. Through easy-to-use, intuitive technology, B3 allows anyone within an organization to easily discover meaningful business insights – no technical skills required.

Quote Using Water Sage in an early stage client meeting, we quickly identified the client’s important issues and located critical data that facilitated a negotiated settlement in our client’s favor. Quote

– Sheela Stack, Shareholder

Quote The fact that we can export maps and information so easily allows us to respond quickly and with accurate and valuable information which they can make decisions from. Quote

– Mike Swan, Owner

Quote Water Sage gives me a unique ability to make sure that Bozeman’s adequacy requirements are met when looking at subdivision and new developments. Quote

– Brian Heaston, Project Engineer


A Digital Response for Data Management in the Oil & Gas Industry

Recently, Bain & Company and GE co-released a brief called “Unleashing Digital”, recounting numerous ways that oil and gas companies are tapping into digital technologies to gain a competitive advantage. The article derides existing processes and instead prescribes GE’s “Fullstream Digital Approach”, assuming that upstream and oilfield services companies want, or even need, a holistic […]


2017 Year in Review

It’s hard to believe that we are already well into January 2018!  During our first all company meeting of 2018, the team shared some year end wins including some exciting new customer acquisitions, product developments, and an overview of important initiatives we are pursuing as jump into the new year.  I was impressed by how […]


What We Talk About When We Talk About Security

Web security has become more important and more tenuous than ever before. In this post, Aaron Edwards, Water Sage’s web developer, discusses the security ecosystem in today’s web, and outlines some best practices for keeping your computer safe and your data secure.