Water Data Solutions

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OilFieldH20 Platform

Seamlessly search, visualize, and analyze water and disposal assets in an intuitive, geospatial platform. Available across a variety of industries in the Permian Basin, Mid-Continent Region, and other producing basins in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

OilFieldH20 Insight

Gain unrivaled understanding of the oilfield water landscape with UIC reports, consulting projects, and expert studies. B3 Insight provides macro- and micro-level data information utilizing flexible and proprietary technical models.

Direct Insight Data

Effortlessly sync your own BI systems directly with our industry-leading water data and platform. Within minutes, you can import data directly into your data warehouse or internal applications for unique analysis.

Data Connectors

Sometimes the right data solution requires data from multiple sources. Ouir data connectors aggregate and integrate complex data from a variety of sources.

Water Rights & Land Platform

Make profitable decisions with access to water rights and land ownership information through our intuitive online mapping and research tool. Available in California, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming.

Consulting & Market Intel

Our partners at Ponderosa Advisors provide expert water rights and water market consulting services individuals, businesses, and governments in the water rights space with state-of-the-art database and analytical tools.

Empowering Smart Water Management

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