B3 delivers an intuitive, on-demand geospatial technology solution for every industry, at every position level; connecting people, departments and projects within an organization. B3 challenges the common software scenario - “data in, data out” by employing data experts that normalize and transform complex data into information users can manage, analyze and visualize.

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B3 Platform

B3 provides a comprehensive out-of-the-box platform with automated datasets from over 500 normalized data sources presented in an easy-to-use, intuitive platform. Get up and running instantly and get fast, accurate results at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

B3 Data Integration

B3 is data agnostic, continually aggregating complex data from diverse sources. In-house data experts normalize and integrate industry-specific data and proprietary customer data, providing a complete representation of information to make better decisions and deliver superior business outcomes.

  • Cross-Industry Data Integration

    Access normalized industry datasets presented in B3’s intuitive, real-time platform.

  • Customer Data Integration

    In-house data experts normalize proprietary customer data, accessible in the B3 Platform, only by that customer. Integrations utilize the mechanism preferred by the customer such as secure ftp data file transfer or web-based API.

B3 Services

Employ B3’s data experts to provide meaningful information to make better business decisions. A comprehensive suite of services is available to customers and facilitated through the B3 Platform and the data experts behind it. Services include in-house data expertise, data collection, data normalization, customized reporting and analytics and more.

Bringing Data-Driven Intelligence to Every Business User

Today, business users need the ability to instantly discover important insights to rapidly take informed and data-driven action. Through easy-to-use, intuitive technology, B3 allows anyone within an organization to easily discover meaningful business insights – no technical skills required.

Smart Search and Unlimited Geographic Searches

Use “Google-like” search functionality to easily and intelligently find all data required Data elements presented in the platform, such as stream, pipeline, or land parcel, can be easily selected and used to return complete referential data.

Customize, Save and Share Projects

Create customized data sets and visualizations through Saved Projects. Share “Projects” across users, empowering cross-department collaboration. Improve organizational collaboration, resulting in efficient problem solving and better project outcomes.

Built-in Reporting & Analytics

Convey insight with illustrations and enable users to visualize and share diverse data and information. Export tabular data interactive in charts, delivering powerful tools to understand information fast.

Query, Analyze, Export

You can find, evaluate and save your work in B3, but it doesn’t end there. Produce on-the-fly work product for clients. Projects, records, documents, and geographic information are all exportable in excel, PDF, shape file, and KMZ formats.

Filter and Sort

B3 filters give you tools to pinpoint specific records in large search results. Analyze priority dates and water use for an entire river basin, identify specific land and water owners, or quickly assess groundwater development. You no longer have to search with precise information to find exactly what you’re looking for.