About B3 Insight

Empowering Smart Water Management

We develop technology and insights that empower responsible and profitable decisions about water resources. Our proprietary data process enables us to gather, clean, and relate millions of natural resource data points from around the country, turning information into insight.

Our Story

Water is a foundational resource underpinning nearly every aspect of human activity. It is inherent to human existence yet nearly impossible to understand in a holistic manner. Co-founders Kelly Bennett and Porter Bennett recognized this need and in 2012 B3 Insight was founded to provide solutions. Based in Denver, Colorado, B3 Insight is now the most recognized and trusted provider of water data and insight to diverse industry stakeholders. With expertise in power, demand, and other energy segments, B3 Insight continually seeks to innovate and evolve the way that complex natural resources data is turned into meaningful information. 

B3 Insight empowers smart water management and reduces environmental impact for customers in oil and gas, real estate, investment, and finance, agriculture and ranching, government, water utilities, legal and water consulting, engineering and so much more. We provide insights to nearly every aspect of water management with an ecosystem that enables customers to integrate data from major providers like Enverus and IHS as well as their own proprietary data. We are proud to deliver diverse data types in one intuitive platform with high-value workflow tools and an efficient means to access and analyze integrated data.


Empower responsible natural resource management.


Our mission is to mitigate risk and unlock opportunities for companies and stakeholders across the water, energy and natural resources landscape. We deliver industry-leading robust tools and transparent insights that empower responsible and profitable decisions.

Core Values

We value finding a way to getting the right stuff done, with a focus on accountability, professionalism and humility. We encourage being analytical, empowering others and yourself with questions, and to always be hungry to learn.

The B3 Difference

  • Commitment to data source transparency
  • Industry-leading, proprietary process, and technologies
  • Custom built, high-performance single interface 100% in-house team
  • Integrations with industry leaders Drillinginfo/Enverus and IHS
  • Unsurpassed expertise in water data
  • Customer-focused approach

Empowering Smart Water Management

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