Introducing OilfieldH2O 3.0: Analytics-ready water data with more capabilities than ever

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By Sam Fox & Abby Michel

Fast track opportunities, solve challenges, and unlock new business potential better than ever with the new OilfieldH2O 3.0 platform.

Data and the Business of Water

Water management seems to do nothing but grow in complexity, particularly in the oilfield and energy industry. It’s critical to energy development, expensive, increasingly risky, constantly changing, and nearly impossible to understand. You need analytics-ready data woven into a single dataset for real decision-making.

Whether you need to identify seismic risks to your disposal well, optimize your water management operations, or streamline your existing workflows using B3 data, we’ve made this version of the OilfieldH20 platform better than ever.

The team at B3 has been hard at work for over two years building the next generation of our platform, OilfieldH20 3.0. It’s a major, from-the-ground-up overhaul with thousands of man-hours invested in new data collection, cleaning, restructuring, and analysis to provide solutions that drive the oilfield water industry forward. We’re excited to talk about just a few of the new advanced features and workflows.

Identify trends in disposal use and M&A activity

OilfieldH20 3.0 incorporates time series data to understand the complex lifespan of disposal wells – when wells were active, when ownership changed, and how pressure and capacity have evolved. New well identification provides better ways to identify and gather data compared to  API, UIC, and tracking numbers. B3’s proprietary data systems also align principal company names, subsidiaries, and acquisitions. These updates are integrated into the platform symbology tool so you can understand field dynamics through powerful visualization. 

Find insights on the impacts of seismicity to disposal reductions

Recent disposal capacity reductions across the Permian Basin highlight the importance of understanding seismic activity near disposal operations. The OilfieldH20 3.0 includes the ability to identify wells within a specified distance of M 3.0+ seismic events.   When the Railroad Commission (RRC) requests additional daily injection data through Seismic Response Areas (SRAs), the information is incorporated into the platform to ensure users have ready access to the most accurate, up-to-date disposal information available in the water management industry. To complement this information, we have added well depth classifications to identify shallow and deep disposal wells based on the RRC’s definitions so you can quickly sift through data and better understand seismic risks to every kind of well. The  SRA impacts are yet another reason that permitting trends are valuable to water management.  B3 has incorporated additional permitting data which will include information on the entire application process with side-by-side data so users can compare and monitor changes in permits and better plan their own operations. 

Enhanced data and statistics for business development and optimization

B3’s proprietary modeled data fills the gap for disposal volumes and pressures often found in publicly available data. Users can make data-driven construction plans and interrogate formation pressurization issues using well construction information like total vertical depth, casing size, and number of casing strings. Business development opportunities are now easier to assess using the new water delivery statistics including the average number of producers delivering water to a well and the skim oil percentage coming from producing sites. 

Develop more efficient workflows and leverage easier data manipulation

A puzzle with three pieces is much easier to solve than a puzzle with 3000 pieces. To minimize the number of puzzle pieces in the data, our team undertook the massive project of restructuring our data into more concise and fluent databases and formats. New analytics-ready data can be quickly and easily imported into third-party software like Spotfire to find even more valuable insights and create stunning visuals without requiring extensive technical savvy. New intuitive searches – like auto-fill Google searches – make it easier than ever to search for and filter by the information that matters most. For example, instead of “TX Injection Wells/Producer/‘Company Name’ ”users can now type phrases like “suspended wells in Howard County,” and return a list of suspended wells in that area with quick statistics on utilization and status plus an option to dive into the detailed data. 

Unlock New Potential Through Better Data

Fast track opportunities, solve challenges, and unlock new business potential better than ever with the new OilfieldH2O 3.0 platform. B3 continuously develops new features and creative solutions for our customers.

To discover how OilfieldH2O 3.0 can optimize and grow your water management operations, contact [email protected]


Sam Fox

Product Manager, Data & Consulting

Abby michel

Product Manager, Intelligence

Mitigate risk, unlock opportunities

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