A Digital Response for Data Management in the Oil & Gas Industry

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Recently, Bain & Company and GE co-released a brief called “Unleashing Digital”, recounting numerous ways that oil and gas companies are tapping into digital technologies to gain a competitive advantage. The article derides existing processes and instead prescribes GE’s “Fullstream Digital Approach”, assuming that upstream and oilfield services companies want, or even need, a holistic approach. The reality is that not every oil and gas company needs to bring together equipment, services and digital solutions across upstream to midstream to downstream processes, because they are in fact focused on one aspect of that life cycle. This “rx” of digital transformation across all oil and gas companies presents digital transformation as complex and aspirational, leaving the reader with the weighty task to begin implementing this approach or be left behind. There is, however, an alternative.

B3 is an insight technology company dedicated to providing the most comprehensive data platform for oilfield operations. Over the past four years, we have evolved our methodology to provide better data, third party and customer integrations, in a superior interface, enabling organizations to gain a competitive advantage.

B3 provides better data, which leads to better insight, resulting in better outcomes. As an insight company, we bring together the data you need, into one single platform. The internal ecosystems that exist today in your organization can operate more cohesively when data is shared, rather than when data is siloed. The power of B3 allows organizations to benefit from shared information, strengthening institutional knowledge and allowing the opportunity for better outcomes.

Our integration capabilities set us apart from others, allowing users to access industry data they need in one of the best user interface on the market. Industry data companies like DrillingInfo and IHS are great examples. Instead of replacing the impact these data services have on organizations, by providing integrations, we allow you to utilize their best-in-class data in a platform that transforms it into actionable insights.

Finally, we provide cost savings through our data management services. No other technology blends our unique strategic advantage of over 20 years of data management experience with the proprietary technology that normalizes and represents the data to you in an easy-to-use powerful, platform. By utilizing our services, you will save time and money and get you back to more substantive work.

Digital technology is transforming the O&G sector, but it if it isn’t changing the way you utilize data, your digital transformation isn’t going far enough. Companies like Bain & Company and GE want to prescribe complex, long-term plans for digital transformation when change can happen by making powerful decisions today. B3 will be the best digital decision you make in 2018 and for years to come as you gain insight into your data and your operations. Maybe reaching your digital destination isn’t so far away.

Riccardo Bertocco, Robert Campbell, Ouriel Lancry, Torsten Lichtenau, Peter Jackson and Brian Murphy—Bain & Company and Bernard Lee and Marla Wunderlich—Baker Hughes, a GE company

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