Innovating Water Management in Louisiana: Introducing B3 Insight’s Louisiana Dataset

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Rob Chrisman

Rob Chrisman

Director of Business Development

Are you ready to dive into the murky waters of Louisiana’s unique energy landscape? Effective water management is a critical component to the long-term viability of oil and gas operations, whether participating as an exploration and production (E&P) operator, an oilfield service company, or midstream service provider. This is particularly true in Louisiana, where complex data access challenges can present a myriad of complications.

B3 Insight is pleased to introduce the Louisiana dataset for the OilfieldH2O platform. This comprehensive oilfield water management data solution is designed to provide the critical data visualization and analytics tools needed to proficiently manage operations. In this blog, we discuss the water management challenges for companies in Louisiana and how B3 Insight’s Louisiana dataset delivers the insight to improve efficiencies, identify business development opportunities, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.


Water Management Challenges in Louisiana

Louisiana’s distinctive landscape, combined with its lack of accessible data, presents a complex challenge for managing oilfield water. These challenges include:

  • Data fragmentation: Data related to water resources, land ownership, and associated infrastructure is spread across various public and private sources, making it difficult for operators to create a comprehensive view of Louisiana water management.
  • Regulatory complexity: The state’s regulatory environment presents a complicated web of rules and requirements that operators must navigate to remain compliant with agencies such as the Office of Conservation and the Department of Natural Resources that are responsible for managing Louisiana water resources.
  • Infrastructure constraints: Favorable commodity prices mean that production is peaking in Louisiana, and much of the legacy oilfield infrastructure, including pipelines, disposal wells, and treatment facilities, is insufficient to manage modern, expanding oil and gas operations.
  • Environmental concerns: With the state’s abundant wetlands, wildlife habitats, and
    sensitive ecosystems, operators must carefully manage produced water to minimize environmental impacts and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.


Introducing the OilfieldH2O Platform Louisiana Dataset 

B3 Insight is pleased to introduce a comprehensive Louisiana dataset accessible via the OilfieldH2O platform. This extensive dataset enables users to quickly access disparate sources of information in an integrated environment, linking production sites, disposal wells, freshwater wells, and land parcels. The unified insight delivered to users enables them to optimize oilfield water operations, logistics, planning, and efficiency.

Key data sources that are a part of the Louisiana dataset include:

  • Over 10,000 injection wells. With vast amounts of injection volume and pressure data at their fingertips, users make better-informed disposal option decisions as they probe the information by type of injection, status, operator, and much more.
  • More than 200,000 freshwater wells. Sortable by aquifer, well use, status, and more, this comprehensive dataset helps users understand the location and availability of freshwater resources for their operations.
  • Over 2.5 million land parcels. With hard-to-find and compiled land parcel records, users can easily access parcel location, shape, and ownership information. This data enables them to quickly understand how ownership, royalties, and other land-related issues are likely to impact a proposed pipeline route, for example.
  • A comprehensive production site dataset. B3 Insight delivers historical produced water delivery records that report the volume of water delivered from production sites to disposal wells. Visualizing these tabular records using the map-based OilfieldH2O platform interface tells the story of every barrel of produced water.


Addressing Louisiana’s Water Challenges

B3 Insight’s Louisiana dataset changes the game when it comes to water management for the Louisiana energy industry. With comprehensive data integration, visualization, and analytics, the OilfieldH2O platform brings the Louisiana data to life, revolutionizing the way E&P operators, oilfield service companies, and midstream providers address the unique challenges of this important region.

Take advantage of this opportunity to leverage the power of B3 Insight’s OilfieldH2O Platform and the new Louisiana dataset as you solidify the long-term viability of your water management operations. Download our complimentary B3 Insight Louisiana Dataset Fact Sheet to learn more.

Together, we are paving the way to an increasingly sustainable, efficient future for the Louisiana oil and gas industry.


B3 Insight is building the definitive source for water data. We empower smart water management with data-driven intelligence for responsible and profitable decisions about water resources. Whatever your needs, B3 Insight’s OilfieldH2O can positively impact your water management and drilling completions – contact us at [email protected] or 720-664-8517 to learn more.

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