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By Abby Michel

What’s better than making a good decision? Making a great decision – one that’s highly informed and efficiently made – and making it faster than your competition. To make the best decisions, operators need to have the most recent, highest quality information on the forces that impact their business. Unfortunately, impactful information like recent seismic events or new permit applications near your company’s infrastructure can be challenging and time-consuming to track on your own. That’s why B3 developed the Custom Activity Monitor (CAM) feature for the OilfieldH2O Platform.

CAM: Custom Activity MOnitor

CAM allows you to set change tracking alerts for items like new pending injection wells or seismic events. These alerts are totally customizable based on custom areas of interest, buffers around specified assets, time frame, and recipients at a company. Data is from the OilfieldH2O Platform databases and updated regularly (for some data, updates occur every hour!). These days, being the first to know when a seismic event occurs or when a new well application has been submitted can give your decision-making an edge on the competition. Previously, this data would have required dedicated staff to track changes, but with CAM you can save time and money while our sophisticated databases track these important changes for you.

Notifications for Seismicity

Informed water management decisions in the Permian Basin look different today than they did just a year ago, due to the recent Seismic Response Areas (SRAs) established by the TX Railroad Commission and the NM Oil Conservation Division. SRAs have restricted key disposal assets for operators across the Permian Basin and impacts continue to evolve due to ongoing seismicity. Last week, a 4.6M seismic event occurred within the Northern Culberson Reeves SRA, leading to the complete shut-in of two additional deep disposal wells pursuant to the agreement formed in the area’s Operator-Led Response Plan. Impacts like these require quick action from operators with water to manage to make sure drilling schedules are not delayed. CAM can provide fast, useful insights on operator responses to seismicity within the SRAs.

Even outside of the SRAs, proposed shallow or deep disposal well applications are forced to go through state agency seismic review if an event of 2.0M+ occurs within 5.6 miles or 15.5 miles, respectively, of the proposed well site. Seismic review can delay the approval of a disposal application significantly and may lead to a drastic reduction in allowed disposal volume for that well. CAM alerts set for the proposed well area can identify potentially problematic seismic events and give your team more time to respond and get key data to the state agency, potentially limiting the permitting delay.

Permitting Hurdles and TImelines

CAM can also aid in identifying permitting activity around your existing facilities. Users are able to create custom areas of interest around their disposal wells and be notified of nearby well applications. This allows operators more time to analyze whether the newly proposed disposal volume could impact their facility’s existing operations. Typically, due to notice requirements, only operators within about a half-mile of a newly proposed well will be alerted to permitting activity. Because of this, an operator just outside that radius is very likely to miss the narrow 15-calendar-day protest window unless they are using a change tracking system like CAM.

Other than the excellent quality of the supporting data, the best aspects of CAM are its integration into your OilfieldH2O subscription and its customizable design. CAM users know changes about what they want, where they want, as soon as they happen. Looking ahead, B3 has identified multiple useful additions to CAM like alerts for wells converting from deep to shallow disposal, or wells that have recently reported significant reductions in their disposal volume. CAM provides the kind of quick data that allows users to make informed, fast decisions to stay ahead of the competition and focus more time on the business of water management. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how CAM can help your team stay ahead of the curve!

Empowering Smart Water Management

B3 Insight is building the definitive source for water data. We empower smart water management with data-driven intelligence for responsible and profitable decisions about water resources. Whatever your needs, B3 Insight’s OilfieldH2O can positively impact your water management and drilling completions – contact us at [email protected] or 720-664-8517 to learn more.

Abby Michel

Product Manager

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