The Data Transparency Partnership – and Why It Matters

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By Lynelle Bautista

It’s no secret that actionable data is necessary for smart decision-making but compiling and analyzing data from a variety of disparate sources requires an enormous amount of time and effort. Whether it’s state, federal, or county level data, most systems don’t talk to each other making it hard to assemble information from multiple sources into a meaningful dataset – and that’s before you can even begin to integrate the data into an understandable, usable form. Our founders were acutely aware of this issue when they launched B3 Insight. Providing comprehensive, high-quality, ready-to-use data with the click of a button has always been a major goal at B3.

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Customers choose B3 Insight because the accuracy and depth of our data helps them make critical business decisions. The B3 “transparency partnership” ensures our customers know where data is sourced, how often it is updated, access to original sources via the platform, and data extraction and analysis. Our customers come to us for a “one-stop-shop” in water-data and we deliver unrivaled data solutions through an intuitive technology platform with powerful analytics tools for their water management. Given the fragmented and disparate nature of water data, we often hear during a demo that some of the data we provide is the first time a prospect has been exposed to it. We have a deep understanding of water data – where it comes from, strengths and weaknesses, and how to make it useful for others. Our proprietary data process allows us to gather, clean, and relate millions of water data points from well over 900 disparate sources – and we do it regularly. Our customers know they can trust the data is accurate and up to date – sometimes we’re even faster than public sources by as much as 6 months!

Our platform provides customers the ability to integrate their own internal data with our data at B3 to give a clear picture of what is happening in the field.

Website Platform 11-laptop-01cOur platform also provides customers the ability to integrate their own internal data with our data at B3 to give a clear picture of what is happening in the field. Often, companies lack data for their operations’ surrounding area. A company may have good internal data concerning water management, handling, and transportation but won’t know what their neighbors or competitors are doing. This information is too valuable to leave in the unknown. For example, an operator might inject 80% of water into their own wells with the remaining 20% handled by third-party commercial wells and not know that one of their competitors is doing the reverse – which is the norm in the field. Our data solutions allow users to see the big picture and analyze best practices across their peer group ensuring they have the information they need to make decisions about their business practices.

Having the most current data also enables our users to be proactive, especially concerning seismicity. Regulatory agencies keep a close eye on seismic activity as they strive to understand the correlation between seismicity and oilfield operations. When a seismic event occurs, regulatory agencies gather data surrounding the event. The B3 platform quickly notifies our users about new seismic events, empowering our customers to proactively contact the local regulatory office with the necessary, required information. Not only that, but our notification feature allows customers to plan ahead and potentially avoid the situation all together. Accessing seismic data quickly and providing operational transparency to regulators fosters a sense of responsibility and collaboration with both the community and regulatory agencies and can help avoid shutdowns or permitting problems.

We develop technology and insights that enable you to make responsible and profitable decisions about water resources. B3’s flagship solution is the leading water intelligence platform for water. See what B3 Insight can do for you.


Lynelle Bautista

Director of Sales

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