Smart Water Management with Oklahoma OilfieldH20

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by Samantha Fox, Product Manager - Data and Consulting

In 2019, Oklahoma ranked as the fourth largest petroleum-producing state in the U.S., averaging 580 thousand barrels of crude oil and 8,700 million cubic feet of natural gas per day across approximately 1,500 wells. Data shows that approximately 1,000,000,000 (yes – 1 billion) barrels of water were disposed of in Oklahoma, ranging from over 690,000,000 in SWDs to more than 300,000,000 in commercial disposal wells. With current source and disposal costs at $1.09 per barrel, Oklahoma’s produced water created well over a one billion dollar market in 2019 alone.

That's a lot of water and a lot of money.
Oklahoma Avg Daily Production Stats

Actionable insights based on current data are necessary to make the most informed decisions about your operations and traditional methods include numerous barriers. State websites provide downloadable files but these records are often incomplete and Oklahoma’s state site only carries injection data through 2019. Additional information is locked in conventional reports, making data difficult to find and assemble. Aggregating the state’s data with your proprietary data to provide a full-scope understanding of the water situation presents another time-consuming challenge.

Oklahoma Data B3 Insight

At B3 Insight, our mission is to empower smart water management through risk mitigation and unlock opportunities for companies and stakeholders alike. The Oklahoma OilfieldH2O Platform removes traditional barriers to data and brings the same in-depth data, analytical tools, and insight to the mid-continent region that we make available to the Permian. The easy to use platform provides incomparable access to comprehensive water data and seismic activity, including pending and active injection wells, injection volume and data pressure, and analytics tools.

B3 Insight sources and aggregates the data needed for smart water management, cleans it up to provide meaningful datasets, and places it in an intuitive map platform making it easy for users to quickly visualize and analyze data. Our digitized documents contain all available 2019 and 2020 data, making the Oklahoma OilfieldH2O Platform the most up-to-date source of water data available. Customers can integrate their own data and shapefiles with our data to quickly relate and analyze critical information and access insights that empower responsible and profitable decisions.

The Oklahoma OilfieldH2O Platform enables users to understand Oklahoma produced water in a holistic manner. With B3, you can see who is developing assets in the field as well as perform rapid interrogation of pending and active water injection locations, volumes, and pressures throughout the state. Plan ahead and strategically manage your operations by quickly assessing water disposal activity, hydraulic fracturing, and seismic activity alongside land ownership information. Utilize B3’s DrillingInfo Connector to combine water analysis with oil and gas well properties, including leases and permits, and drilling rig locations. Each workflow and analytic tool was created alongside feedback from our customers, ensuring you have a truly holistic view of oilfield activity.

Empowering smart water management with the Oklahoma OilfieldH2O Platform, B3 Insight provides the most comprehensive and complete resource for integrated Oklahoma Oilfield Water Management.

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Samantha Fox

Product Manager - Data and Consulting

Mitigate risk, unlock opportunities

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